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What are the benefits of consuming Pure Desi Ghee


Desi ghee which is most commonly used in most of the sweet dishes and our daily diet as with roti, daal, bhajis, khichdi is a pure refined form of butter. Consuming pure desi ghee is believed to be a very healthy saturated fat source in our diet. Desi ghee enhances the flavor of many dishes and the sweets especially for halwas ghee are like a magic taste provider. In India, Desi ghee is said to be the very purest form which is also used for the worship of god and goddess. It is also used as a sign of happiness, people use desi ghee for lightening up the diyas to show their happiness in Indian culture. It is also suggested as the best alternative in place of the vegetable oil by our grandmothers. It also enhances the flavor and the smell of the dishes which also helps us in increasing appetite. One tablespoon of pure desi ghee is very rich in calories it can give up to 135 calories, there are no such more nutrients like protein or carbohydrate in it, but it is rich in vitamin source it contains a good amount of vitamin A, vitamin K, and vitamin E. Thus consuming it can do wonders for our skin and hairs as well. It also contains butyric acid which is an anti-cancer constituent. It also relieves pain and when used with milk or with ginger it also helps greatly in curing a cold and cough. Many of our old people believe it to be used as the massaging oil to provide warmth to the body in severe cold. Nowadays, pure ghee is also available in the packed, jar, or bottle packaging, several dairy farm industries are there which guarantees to provide 100% natural pure desi ghee. But in the earlier days or even now people prepare ghee at their home only. let us see how we can prepare it at home.

How to prepare ghee at home:

1- Desi ghee can be easily prepared at home with the daily brought cow milk or buffalo milk.
2- For this, heavy full cream milk is needed.
3- We can collect the cream collected over the milk after a boil.
4- Take 2-3 cups of collected full are and add 1 tablespoon of curd to it.
5- Leaving it outside to mix up well for 7-8hours.
6- Then refrigerating it at a very low temp of about 3-4 degree centigrade up to a night or for a minimum of 4-5 hours.
7- Then heat your pan at low flame, and put that refrigerated cream into it.
8- You can see a yellowish release of the oily textured substance.
9- Let it be released well until the solid part turns brownish dark.
10- Let it be cool, and separate the yellowish part and solid part through straining.
11- That yellowish part is what we called "Ghee'
Here are some of the amazing facts about consuming desi ghee, which is unbelievable that a teaspoon can help you through several means, it can cure your several health issues as well.

Nutritional value of desi Ghee:

1- Ghee is a good healthy fat with no cholesterol issue, it is purely constituted with the fat percentage with no presence of any nutrient like protein and carbohydrates.
2- Ghee contains a good amount of calories which is very good for malnourished children or the person facing deficiency issues.
3- 1 ml of ghee contains 883 calories and 1 teaspoon of ghee can give you almost 135 calories in a single take.
4- Ghee also contains good vitamins like vitamin A, vitamin E, and vitamin k, which is very good for our skin and hair health.

10 amazing benefits of consuming pure desi ghee:

1. Good source of fat & energy:

Are you on a diet and neglecting ghee thinking of it can make you bulkier? It's wrong to believe all the said words instead you should have the best correct knowledge of what you are eating and how it can help or can harm! Ghee is said to be a very healthy fat with no cholesterol issues with experiments on rats scientists concluded, consuming ghee won't affect the cholesterol level of your body. Ghee can be well used as the best alternative in place of that fries and burger oil which won't let you become bulkier but it helps in losing weight in a very correct manner.

2. Helps in maintaining homeostasis:

Ghee is always used for making our bodies feel warmer. In India, ghee is necessarily added to most of the houses in winters. Ayurveda has also suggested from very last year's that ghee is used majorly to maintain the human body temperature. So, it is used as the massaging oil or even in the diet as in roti, daal, milk, and every homemade halwa so that our body will always feel warmer.

3. Boost the immune system:

As the main component of ghee is fat and one molecule of fat is filled with the maximum energies releasing ATP other than the glucose, protein, or carbohydrates. It helps in giving maximum energy and increasing the metabolic rate of the body which helps in boosting the immune system of the body. It thus helps us in fighting with many allergens present freely in our surroundings due to its anti-allergic properties.

4. Good for the heart:

Consuming a teaspoon of ghee is proved to be very good for good heart health. Several studies have clearly shown that ghee helps in lowering the bad cholesterol, but there are rumors in the air that it increases cholesterol level but the rumors are only rumors with having any pinch of truth to them. Consuming it in a small proportion is best to attain a good healthy heart.

5. Helps in clearing blocked nose:

Having ghee in a diet or using it directly into nostrils helps in clearing the clogged nose. A blocked nose is a very bad cold issue. A person when suffering from a common cold, a viral infection is always seen suffering from difficulty in breathing due to a blocked nose. Using ghee at this time can help us in having a clear nose and relieve breathlessness.

6. Boon to lactose tolerant people:

Ghee is proved a boon to people with lactose intolerance. Ghee having anti-allergic properties is best for people who can not have dairy products in their diet.

7. Cures constipation:

Ghee helps us in keeping our digestive system good. It helps in good bowel movement and cures constipation. Ghee having antibacterial properties also prevents us from several intestinal infections. People suffering from piles and many excretory problems are advised to have a teaspoon of ghee in their diet on the daily basis by the nutritionists.

8. Strengthens bones:

Ghee has vitamin k in its constituent which helps in the absorption of calcium which strengthens bones and teeth. The absorption of calcium is very necessary for strong bones and teeth. Consuming ghee always helps in the prevention of tooth decay difficulties and gums bleeding as well.

9. Treat menstrual imbalance:

Ghee helps well with the imbalance of hormones. It normalizes hormone levels and prevents fluctuations of hormone levels and thus helps in treating menstrual cycle imbalance in women. Many of the hormone-related disease like thyroid can also be cured by consuming desi ghee in the perfect portion.

10. Good for the skin:

Ghee is always suggested for attacking smooth moisturized skin. As it is rich in vitamin A, vitamin k, and vitamin E all of the vitamins are essential for a gold healthy glowing skin. You can apply it directly to your skin or scalp along with honey or milk cream to attain moisturized skin and a healthy hair follicle. It also helps in preventing hair damage and dandruff issues. It will leave your scalp and skin hydrated and moisturized and will finally lead to good healthy glowing skin.

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