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10 Amazing Facts Why We Should Use Honey With Milk in Daily Life


In this day to day busy life of the 21st century, everybody wants to have all the nutrition in a very quick and fast manner. More than 80% of the population are not fully conscious about what to eat in what proportion and what time. Milk is there proved to be a very easily found item that can be consumed within a second and can make your body fill with all the daily nutrition requirements. From Ayurveda to medical science believes milk and honey to be a very good combination to fulfill our body's daily basics. Milk, a famous white liquid which is considered as the soul food is full of calcium, phosphorus, B vitamins, and proteins. It is always said to have a glass full of milk every day because it fulfills all the essential requirements of the body. Honey, which is proved to be very rich in having antioxidants, anti-aging, healing properties which also help us in gaining good heart health and a good body. There is a lot to discuss honey's benefits as it has numerous health benefits. Honey with milk can do wonders in many ways. As they both are much rich in nutritional values. So, if they are added in the right proportion and in the right way they can help us in tackling many of the serious health issues. Milk benefits and honey benefits can be added and we can take more advantage in many other ways by consuming honey with milk. A full glass of milk with a teaspoon of honey can be a boon to human race health.

10 Wonderful health benefits of milk with honey:

Both honey and milk are the very classic combination for which we can go to relieve many of our health issues. According to many types of research, the scientific community also gave the idea of consuming milk with honey a big thumbs-up. They also believed that when milk is associated with honey it enhances many of the natural characteristics of the milk. It could promote heart health, strengthens bones and teeth, eases insomnia, and many more. Let us look after different wonderful unbelievable health benefits of milk with honey:

1. Improves sleep quality/eases insomnia:

Consuming honey with milk is like blessings for the cure to the sleepless nights. Honey when added with milk releases insulin along with the tryptophan Which promotes the release of serotonin, a happy hormone. Which helps us in started realizing good. Serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter helps us to release the melatonin hormone which is best released by 10 pm to 2 am and helps us in acquiring good sleep.

2. Helps in boosting stamina:

Honey is always said to be best consumed on the empty stomach. Honey when added with cold milk works as a stamina booster. It is well known to keep you energized all day by increasing your metabolic rate. Henceforth by receiving all the nutrition along with a glass and honey your bodily movements are raised by themselves. It will not allow you to feel low or down throughout the entire day.

3. Helps in digestion:

Honey helps to restore the good gut bacteria which releases enzymes which are good for our digestive system. It regulates bowel movements and eases constipation making our excretory system clean. Thus, honey is considered to be the very best prebiotic. They kill bacteria like staphylococcus and prevent our stomach from getting infected.

4. Strengthens bones and teeth:

Milk is said to be very rich in calcium content. And calcium is majorly responsible for the strength of bone and teeth. Honey helps in constituting milk calcium to the bones. It is very helpful in osteoporosis when bones start becoming weak and start breaking also helps to cure fracture as well.

5. Have antibacterial properties:

Honey and milk can together increase its benefits by its addition. Both show excellent antibacterial properties. Intake of warm milk with honey (avoid boiling milk) helps us to kill intestinal bacteria like staphylococcus and prevents us from several stomach infections.

6. Relieves in cough and cold:

Warm milk with honey when taken it prevents us from a bad cough and with high cold. Honey has its property of keeping our body warm and maintaining homeostasis of the body. So drinking warm milk with honey prevents respiratory tract infections as well.

7. Antiinflammatory properties:

Honey and milk both have anti-inflammatory properties. It relieves us from any injury and any kind of joint pains too. If anybody gets hurt physically it is also recommended by many of the doctors or by our ancestors to have a glass of milk along with honey before going to the bed.

8. Have healing properties:

Honey is well known for its best healing properties, it helps in lightening the scars as well. Honey, when consumed along with the milk, shows the best healing property and it helps in the healing of wounds and repairing of tissues of our body.

9. Anti-ageing property:

Milk and honey are rich in several vitamins and minerals which helps us in attaining good glowing healthy skin. Several products use milk cream and honey in their product because of this property. Several face packs are made with the help of honey and milk cream. Using honey and milk regularly keeps your skin young, hydrated, and will lessen wrinkles.

10. Benefits of drinking milk with honey for skin and hair:

Apart from the number of benefits it also works as a good hydrating natural moisturizer for our dry skin especially for dry lips, it moisturizes them well leaving it looking healthy. It also protects the skin from several kinds of pollution dust and it reduces acne and scars too. Not only for the skin both can be well used for preparing certain kinds of hair masks which help in making our hair follicle healthy and fight through several dandruff issues. It makes our hair look healthier and smoother and shinier. Bottom to the line: There are various more ways besides these all. Consuming milk with honey can show you multiple kinds of health benefits. Not only several products are using it as their main ingredients, but also we are consuming it directly for its best use. From Ayurveda to medical science believes this mixture to be the best way to be consumed. Every human found it very reliable and easy to have it either as a breakfast meal or a post dine meal so that their body won't face any nutritional deficiency. Note:- It is highly not recommended for people with lactose intolerance. For availing, it's maximum benefits we should consume this perfect classic combination in the right proportion. (Not more than two glass daily)

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