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10 Easy Ways to Test Milk at Your Home


According to FSSAI, (food safety and standard authority of India) out of 6,432 samples, only 12 samples are unadulterated. Adulteration of milk nowadays is very ascertained task in our society. Adulteration of fresh cow milk deprives the quality of the fresh milk. Adulterated milk leads to several kinds of diseases. Adulteration of fresh cow milk decreases the nutritional value of pure milk. Recently, a survey was done by the WHO (world health organisation), which shows 87% of the citizens would suffer from various health diseases like cancer by 2025 if they keep having this adulterated impure milk. Keeping this serious issue into consideration, it is always recommended to check milk's purity first. It's easy to recognise cow milk is adulterated or not? Milk adulteration is done generally by adding water to it or by adding starch or urea and even detergents to it. Adulteration of milk can be checked in NABL accredited labs or any FSSAI certified labs. Following are the best 10 ways to test adulteration of milk, which we can even do by ourselves to check the purity of milk :

1.Reduction/ Boil test:

Take a thick pan and boil milk for 2-3 hours until it's thickened. If the remnant is significantly dry it is adulterated, if not then the milk is of good quality.

2.Lemon juice test:

Put a small amount of milk in the test tube or any utensil and squeeze a teaspoon of lemon juice into it, if it starts showing curdling immediately it means it is of good quality. If not then the milk is adulterated.

3.Vanaspati milk:

Some vendors use to add vanaspati ghee/ salsa to milk to attain the creamy texture of milk. For this, we have to take a few drops of HCl to a few teaspoons of milk followed by some sugar to it. The change in colour to red indicates the addition of vanaspati ghee to it. 4.

Synthetic milk test:

We can do synthetic milk test, just by rubbing a slight amount of milk in between our fingers, it starts emitting soapy texture. or if boiled it will turn yellowish or may taste bitter.

5.Water addition test:

It is the easiest way to check water addition at our home. Simply, we have to take a drop of milk on a polished slanting surface. If the milk has no addition of water to it. It slides slowly leaving a white trail of milk behind but if the water is there it flows immediately without leaving any trail.

6.Paraphenylenediamine test:

This test is used to ensure the addition of hydrogen peroxide to the milk. To perform this test, Take a test tube or any transparent utensil and put a few ml of milk to it and add a few drops of paraphenylenediamine to it. The change in colour from white to bluish confirms the presence of hydrogen peroxide to it.

7.Formalin milk:

Formalin is generally used as a preservative by many of the local vendors as well as many of the companies too being white in colour it disappears into the milk and we are unable to see it. To check the addition of formalin into the milk, take 10 ml of milk into the test tube and add a few drops of H2so4 (sulphuric acid) to it and leave it for 1-2 minutes. Then if the milk is adulterated with formalin it starts forming a blue ring at the top of the milk.

8.Urea test:

For the Urea test, take a teaspoon of milk in any transparent narrow glass or use a test tube if it is available. Then add half teaspoon of soybean or arhar powder and mix it well. After 5 minutes use a red litmus paper half a minute. A change in colour from red to blue indicates the mixture of urea in milk.

9.Soap or detergent test:

Detergent addition is one of the very hazardous adulterations of all. To perform this test we should take an equal amount of water with an equal amount of milk sample. Pure milk will show a thin foamy layer after a boil whereas detergent adulterated milk will form a dense lather.

10.Starch test in milk and several milk products like khoya, cheese, sweets, paneer etc:

Starch test can be easily done with the addition of iodine. For this, we have to take a few ml of milk and mix it with a few drops of iodine solution, bluish change in colour confirms the addition of starch to it. So, here are the best10 ways to check the adulteration of milk, it's too necessary for us to check the addition of any harmful substance to it as it is the matter of our health concerns we must be very attentive to it. People are even risking their lives daily without knowing what they are consuming in their daily diet in the name of a healthy diet. It is always recommended by every doctor or even by our grandparents and ancestors to have a glass of milk daily for our healthy mind and a healthy body. From a newborn baby to a teenage child to a gym freak adult each of us is always said to add any milk product or a glass of milk to our daily diet but did we ever imagined what will be going to happen if we are consuming chemicals in the name of a healthy diet? Out of every three Indian, two is consuming adulterated milk, which is not a good sign of upcoming healthy persons with a healthy mind. We should always be conscious of everything we are sending to our body. Because What we feed to our body is what we are feeding to our mind too. So our mind will be healthy only when we are feeding our body healthy too. Unnecessary consumption of any chemicals or drugs to our body with any means can lead to very hazardous health issues. Also according to WHO, more than half of the population will not be in good condition if they keep on consuming the adulterated milk. So, we must be aware of the kind of adulteration in the milk or how we can catch the infringers red-handed. Do not let the people fool you because- " Neither society nor an individual said to be as aware if they aren't curious enough to know what's adulterated"

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