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How to gain weight with the help of milk and bananas?


Milk and bananas are most frequently on mouth tenures used by more than half of the population in this world. There is always a debate going on with this combination, whether these both consumables help us to "gain weight" or to "lose weight"?

This article will help you to find out some more raised doubtful questionnaire like:-

Is it good to take milk and banana together? Do these also harm your body in any way? What are the benefits of having a banana and milk? How to use milk and bananas for weight gain and weight loss? Can we use it as a smoothie or shakes? Which time is best to consume milk and banana? etc.

10 benefits of having banana and milk :

1) A single banana contains all of the 2.6gm fiber it, which is very useful for our good digestion and it also helps in removing the harmful toxins from our body.
2) Bananas and milk have good calories together as one average-sized banana contains around 100 calories and one cup of milk contains about 153 calories so it can help us in gaining weight and can not let you in a calorie deficit.
3) Bananas are usually said to be a filler fruit. Which keeps you full for hours. Consuming banana and milk will help to keep your hunger in control.
4) Milk and a banana, both can be easily found and can be easily carried so these are the most convenient items to be consumed.
5) Bananas are also rich in minerals content especially iron and potassium which helps in the good functioning of our body.
6) Both bananas and milk are good at the taste. So it is never a no from any side whether they are small kids or adults.
7) Bananas do have antioxidant properties that help you to be disease-free and healthy from within.
8) Bananas also release good chemicals like dopamine which helps in the mood upliftment of a person.
9) Potassium magnesium and other minerals help us in lowering the blood pressure level of our body which is very good for our heart health.
10) Both milk and banana prove to be a good combination of filling and nutritious diet as it is rich in proteins and fibers it can also help in reducing weight, but this is still a matter of discussion amongst all and hence no any studies had proved it.

Is it good to take bananas and milk together?

So, here we have the most important as well as interesting facts which will help you to know it is good to consume both simultaneously or not. Several types of research and food laboratories are trying to know is it good to have these both together or not. From back to older times it is not believed good to mix any of the fruit along with the milk, as they both have their separate good benefits of consuming. Though, the internet and YouTube have flooded with many of the videos and facts of this most famous pair. According to ayurvedic food science, banana along with the milk is considered to be as the most incompatible foods to be consumed simultaneously. Ayurveda believes having milk and banana together disturbs Agni i.e, the gastric fire which is responsible for the good digestion of food. And hence, it is recommended to take any fruit, even bananas after or before a minimum of 20 minutes of having milk.

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