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What food can be prepared from milk?


You might have heard, some people will not like to have plain milk directly, rather they are very fond of having milk prepared food items like kheer, paneer, chhena, sweets, shakes, ras malai, ice cream, cake, etc.
Parents are also worried about their children who don't want to drink their milk, they keep trying their best so that their child will have their milk without showing any refusing naughtiness. They use several taste enhancers of milk like Complan, Boost, Bournvita, Horlicks, etc.
Despite the above way, they also keep trying to prepare several kinds of milk made food items so that they can deliver all the goodness of milk to their children.
Not only children, but many people also don't like the smell of plain milk, but enjoy the milk prepared food items full of taste.
There is an infinite number of food items which we can even prepare on our own at our home too.

What kind of milk you can use to prepare milk food items:

You can use both fresh and full cream milk for the preparation of the dairy food items. But as we all know the full cream milk and the fresh cream milk both have different fat concentrations in them.
Full cream milk is rich in fat content so its solid portion is much creamier and its liquid content is not that fattier. So it is suggested to use full cream milk for preparing any food items from milk.
If you are using fresh cow milk you can also go for it, as it is not restricted in any way that you can not use it to prepare food items, but the thing is you will need more of it to prepare any food items deliciously. As fresh milk is thinner in consistency and is lower in fat content it is not believed to be a good idea of using fresh cow milk.
So better go for full cream milk or more fat content milk for preparing amazing tasty food items of milk.

Which animal's milk you can use for the preparation of milk products:

Milk food items are known as " dairy products " worldwide. Dairy farming practicing is a kind of agricultural or animal husbandry. It can be well established as a business by dairy farmers. They serve their cattle to gain milk, from animals like buffalo, cows, goats, camels, etc.
Dairy practicing should be handled with proper care of the animals, the animals which were chosen for animal husbandry are all mammals as mammals are the only class of the species that has lactating behavior and which give direct birth to the baby.

The mammal's milk we often use for preparing milk products are of:-

(1) Cow
(2) Goat
(3) Buffalo
(4) Sheep
(5) camel etc.

The camel's milk is very rich in fat content so it is believed to be a very good option for preparing dairy products, it also has very low water content in it and is very expensive too. Unboiled camel milk is considered to be medicine and it contains around 120 calories and around 5.8 g of fat content in one glass of milk.
The goat's milk is also the same and is also very rich in fat content as it contains around 7.8g of fat and a total of 124 calories. Goat's milk is also recommended to the arthritis patient or the person suffering from rheumatoid.
The cow and buffalo milk is the most commonly used milk in several houses for preparing many of the food items. It is recommended to use full cream cow milk for cooking purposes. Though buffalo milk has more fat content than cow's milk so it's better to choose buffalo milk over cow milk as it contains 220 calories and 16g of fat content.

Food items which can be prepared from milk are :

1) Paneer:- The most frequently prepared dairy products all over the world is paneer. Paneer is liked by most people across the world. It is the most ordered food item in every restaurant and hotel.
It can be prepared by adding some of the acids to the boiling milk as lemon juice, vinegar, or yogurt.
2) Butter:- Butter is also used in daily food items of continental foods. It is used to prepare various kinds of recipes like pav bhaji, chills, partake, etc. People love eating butter over roti as it tastes slightly salty and yummy.
It can be prepared by churning fresh or fermented milk. The butter is the come over part above the milk which is rich in fat content and is oily in texture, which gets accumulated after churning the milk.
3) Ghee:- Ghee has so many traditional beliefs in India, cow's milk is considered as the very purest form in Hinduism. They use ghee in the diet as well as for their worship purposes.
Ghee is also used for enhancing the flavors of food items or sweets especially for halwas ghee work as a boom taste enhancer.
It is prepared by collecting milk cream (malai) and letting it be a few days old. Then after heating this collected milk cream you will receive the oily liquid portion and the solid brownish portion from which you can strain off the liquid and that is your obtained ghee.
4) Yoghurt:- Yoghurt is the most beneficial food item amongst all dairy products. These are fulfilled with most of the beneficial bacterias like lactobacilli which are very good for our intestinal health, it helps in digestion as well.
For preparing Yoghurt you need a starter culture of lactobacilli bacteria, you can add this to milk which is at 112-115 degree centigrade. Stir and incubate it for 7-9 hours. you will find milk is been thickened and you can store it to a cool temperature in the refrigerator.
5) Kheer:- kheer is the most favorite of the maximum people, it is enjoyed well as the dessert in Indian families. It is specially prepared for a festive occasion or in any event.
It can be prepared very easily by putting a small cup of rice in boiling milk and stirring it regularly for its good creamy taste. After the rice is properly cooked, turn off the flame and add cardamom and sugar or jaggery according to your taste.
6) Gulabjamun:- Gulabjamun is also one of the favorite desserts of most people. It is also the most liked sweet of many people. It can be well served with the ice cream or solely.
Gulabjamun is prepared by the solid water evaporated portion of milk i.e, mawa or khoya. We can add wheat flour attacker maida to it and a good amount of fine sugar along few cardamons and prepare small round balls and give it a deep-fry and then dip it into the sugar solution(Chaashni), and there your delicious Gulabjamun is ready.
7) Cake:- Cake is also prepared with the help of milk. You need a good cup of milk for preparing the cake batter.
For the decoration and taste, milk cream is also prepared. You can use it in between the cake or above the cake to look at your cake more attractive.
The cake is nowadays, in the great trend for celebrating any happiness. Cutting cake is like a ritual on the occasion of birthday, marriage anniversary, wedding, etc.
8) Gajar halwa:- If this is Winters, Gajar halwa is always on the top listed food items. It can be cooked with the crushed carrot along with the milk and the ghee prepared by milk, chefs also add khoya and dry fruits to it for making it yummier and tastier.
It can be served well either in hot condition or cooling conditions. It tastes amazing in both ways.
9) Malpua:- Indian pancakes are called Malpua in the northern states of India. It will never happen a person who loves eating sweet dishes will ever say no to these yummies, These are also prepared with the batter prepared from milk and made and a banana to it. It smells more amazing than it tastes.
You can prepare it after an overnight prepared bit fermented better. You can use full cream milk for enhancing its taste. It is generally prepared in festivals like Holi and Diwali. People eat together and enjoy it together. Children are a fan of having banana milk pancakes.
10)Shakes:- Shakes can be easily prepared beverages, which can be consumed easily without wasting any major time. It is also very nutritious and healthy.
You might have heard about so many shakes available in the market too like a milkshake, banana shake, mango shake, palate shake, etc.
You can prepare any shake by mixing any of the fruit along with the milk and sugar you can use 10-12 almonds and raisins for it's more taste and flavor.

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