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What is the best time to drink a milk


Milk being an ''soul food" for most of the species over the world is recommended to consume every day.
Milk makes our diet complete and it fulfils all the daily required nutrients for our body.
From birth, since childhood, we are always advised to drink a glass of milk every day, or even forced to have it without our will.
Ever drawn your attention to this? Why are we forced to have milk daily without our will? Only because it is the major saviour of our body. Milk is full of essential biomolecules and vitamins and minerals which helps to build our body's strength, stamina and power.

Benefits of drinking milk:

Milk is slightly sweetish in taste and has a very pleasant flavour. The primary function of the milk is to nourish the young ones of the mammals which they give birth to. As milk is the first thing to be consumed soon after birth, it provides immunological protection to the young ones through the antibodies which mother's milk carries.
Milk makes our diet a balanced and complete diet and provides energy for the whole day. It is full of macronutrients, micronutrients, vitamins and minerals.

1)Milk proteins -

Milk is especially rich with proteins which are known as a body-building unit of our body which is essential for the growth of our muscles. Proteins like casein protein and whey proteins are present in the milk.
Casein protein constitutes about 80% of the total protein, casein is an insoluble kind of protein which is responsible for the white colour of the milk whereas whey proteins are water-soluble kind of protein which helps in binding fat-soluble vitamins to the milk. It is responsible for the yellowish inch to the cow's milk.

2) Milk fats -

Milk along with proteins also consists of fats. Milk fat's percentage makes it heavier and uneasy to digest. Milk fat is said to be the carrier of the vitamins which are fat-soluble vitamin-like vitamin A, vitamin K, vitamin E, vitamin D.

3)- Milk sugar/ carbohydrate -

Milk contains the lactose sugar which helps in the absorption of important minerals like calcium, phosphorus, and minerals. It is an easily digestible form of disaccharide sugar which contains one molecule of glucose and another molecule of galactose.

4) Vitamins -

Vitamins are the essential required micronutrient for our body. Milk contains Vitamin A, Vitamin D, Vitamin K, and Vitamin E, these all vitamins are very much important for certain organs and functions of our body.
Vitamin A is essentially required for the good and clear vision and also for the skin. Vitamin D is re for the strong bones and teeth of our body. Vitamin K is also required for the clothing of blood which helps a person from excessive bleeding. It contains prothrombin which accumulates and forms clot of blood. Vitamin E is responsible for healthy and shiny hair and well-nourished skin.

5) Minerals -

Minerals like phosphorus, iron, calcium and magnesium are also import6 for our body and good health. It helps our teeth and bones to get stronger. The disease like osteoporosis is caused by the lack of mineral-like calcium in which our bones remain no longer strong and powerful. It helps in giving dietary satisfaction to the person.

When to consume milk- the best time for consumption of milk?

There is no such strong time recommendation like you have to drink this time only. You can drink it whenever you want to. But for the better consumption and absorption, you can have your milk in the morning or by the late evenings after half an hour of having your food.

Do's and Don'ts of consuming milk :

1)- It is said to drink milk early in the morning. But never drink milk in an empty stomach as it can cause acidity and stomach burn because it is heavy to digest.
2)- You can consume milk in a raw form for better nutrient absorption.
3)- Always drink milk before 1-2 hour of sleep.
4)- Add turmeric into the milk for better sleep before going to bed.
5)- You can add honey to your milk along with your breakfast to gain weight.
6)- It shouldn't be consumed with any fruit according to Ayurveda, it's good to have plain milk but you can add any case enhancer if you want to.
7)- Always consume like warm milk, as it won't fluctuate with the body temperature and can be easily digested and absorbed.

Consuming milk in the morning :

You will always see in the videos and tv, movies people are having milk at the breakfast table. But consuming milk in an empty stomach early morning can cause acidity or heat urn to your stomach. So, you can add milk in your breakfast. It will be healthier if you consume it along with oats, muesli or any multigrain Dalia. Or you can drink it after having some food as your breakfast.
Consuming milk in the morning can help you energize and active all day long. It fills your stomach for the longest time and will not let you feel hunger soon. So it's the best habit of consuming milk in the morning.

Consuming milk in the evening :

Consuming milk in the evening is also not a very bad idea. As consuming it in the evening will be digested well until you are on for sleep. Several ayurvedic medicines are recommended to consume medicine along with milk by morning and evening.
It promotes good eye health and makes your bone stronger, by the evening a person's stomach is not so empty so it will also prevent acidity and ingestion of the milk.
And consuming milk on the evening will also help you from any other intestinal infection and provides you with good digestion of the milk.

Consuming milk at night :

Consuming like warm milk before the bed is said to be as very good for peace and relaxing sleep. As milk contain L-tryptophan and releases melatonin and serotonin which are responsible for the good sleep of the human.
It's strictly not recommended to just drink milk and sleep. Try having this before 1-2 hours of sleep so that it can be digested well as it is heavy for the stomach to digest because of some of the macronutrient presents in it.
You can also add turmeric to the night milk. Turmeric itself has many of the health benefits and is full of antibacterial properties. Adding turmeric to night milk helps in body ache and it also has anti-inflammatory properties which relax the pain.
Consuming turmeric milk also keeps you warm and helps in cold and cough while winters.

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