About us

Metoomilk is here to provide you 100% pure and fresh milk. We make sure to provide you the milk which is free of any chemicals, with no trace of any pesticides or any powders and devoid of any additional water content in it. As we don't compromise with the quality of our milk. Metoomilk use milk testing kit infront of their customers at door to ensure the purity and freshness of our milk for the customer's satisfaction. We are using our best knowledge and experience to provide you the healthiest part of our full diet plan with proper hygiene and freshness. We are aiming to make available more and more milk items with the same purity assurance. In future we are trying our best to meet your daily requirements more conveniently.

about metoomilk


  • To provide high quality milk along with its natural properties.
  • To provide it very easily, and in convenient manner.
  • With very affordable price rates.
  • improved fresh raw as well as pasteurized milk to our customers.
  • keeping in mind the customer's ease we accept both online as well as offline payments.


To strengthen India's population with a good health and a healthy mind with the help of a dairy sector . We will contribute our best through this way in strengthening our country by making it available at person's door step in these busy life schedule.

Quality of milk

One thing we don't compromise is the quality of milk, we test our milk infront of our customers if they shows any doubt. Only Metoomilk use milk testing kit to test the purity and the quality of milk for the satisfaction of our customers because satisfied customers are always the happy customers.

Purity of milk

We provide raw pure milk as well as packet milk, with no addition of water and with zero chemicals within 4-5 hours of milking it. We assure our customers its purity and will test it and then deliver it to you.

Cleanliness & hygiene

We take proper care of the cleanliness while packaging or at the time of milking. We also maintain proper hygiene while delivering our milk. We make sure to avoid contamination or any microbial touch to our product, as its matter of good health we don't risk customers life.