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Difference between fresh milk & full cream milk


Milk, which is said to be the only complete diet for most of the species in this world. Being full of nutritional values milk is considered to be the soul food of the daily essentials for all age groups. Further, the milk which is available in the market are of many kinds broadly as fresh milk and full cream milk though they both are the types of milk only, they both have each pro and cons of having it in our meal.

Fresh milk

Fresh milk is a kind of altered milk in which the fat content of the milk is reduced to 1.5 to a maximum of 3%. Though, besides fat content, fresh milk has all the nutritious content including a good amount of protein content. As it is low in fat content 1 glass of fresh milk contains half of the calories as the full cream milk. Their processing techniques are a bit different from the full cream milk, these milk are pasteurized at 72 degree for 15 seconds only thus its shell life is comparatively low than the full cream milk.

Advantage of having fresh milk:

1 It can be easily stored at room temperature.
2 It is very good for the people who are seeking to manage weight, thus helps in losing weight.
3 It costs less than full cream milk.
4 Having fresh milk keeps your heart more healthy and reduces the risk of cardiac arrest.
5 These taste more natural and liked more by the people.
6 This milk comes with regular packaging and is easily digestible.

Disadvantages of having fresh milk

These aren't good for cooking and baking purpose.
1 Its texture is more watery and runny than of full cream milk.
2 It can't be stored for a longer duration.
3 This milk is strictly not recommended for the lactating mother or malnourished children.

Full cream milk

Full cream milk is commonly known as long-life milk. Full cream milk is rich in fat content, it contains more than 3.5% fat in it. These are well-pasteurized milk with the technique ultra high-frequency methods in which it is pasteurized at a high temperature of 140 degree centigrade for 2-3 seconds. Thus, it can be easily stored up to a week and is totally free of any microbial contents, with zero pathogenic bacterias inside. It thus also prevents the spoilage of milk for a longer period. This milk tastes good and it secures a creamy texture which makes milk appear less runny and less watery.

Advantage of full cream milk:

1 It can be stored for a longer time period (up to a week ).
2 It is best for the purpose of cooking and baking.
3 These have good enhanced taste than fresh milk.
4 Useful in the extraction of cream and for preparation ghee or more milk products.
5 Devoid of any microbial content.

The disadvantage of having full cream milk:

1 It won't help effectively while weight management.
2 It is not that healthy for a healthy heart.
3 It has heavy packaging due to which the portability is not easier as fresh milk.
4 These aren't easily digestible as fresh milk.
Besides all these advantages and disadvantages of fresh and full cream milk, one thing that is common amongst both milk is the rest of the nutrition content except fat. Both fresh and full cream milk has its own taste and its own pros and cons of having it as a meal. From infant to a growing body and mind milk plays an important role in making our meal a complete meal.

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