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What Milk Products Country Delight Delivers [Top Milk Products or Non-Milk Products that are used in Every House hold]


Country Delight is founded by Chakradhar Gade and Nitin Kaushal in 2015. Their aim is to bring back old days of milk taste where the milk is pure and fresh with the help of technology. They control the whole supply chain and source the milk from local dairy farms and packed or pasteurized the milk at their company. They deliver fresh milk within 24-48 hours of milking and packed and pasteurized at 3-degree centigrade to prevent the bacteria. Country Delight performs 26 tests on their farms at various stage of packaging to prevent any types of milk adulteration. They give you hassle-free delivery with the help of their online application software where you can edit the amount of the milk as per your requirement. Firstly you need to load your wallet then subscribe to their milk products like: Cow milk, Buffalo milk, Paneer, Dahi, Ghee or Bread and Eggs. Then they deliver their milk products the next morning between 5:30 A.M to 7:30 Am.

Check the milk quality like adulteration of water, urea, detergent etc. at the time of delivery by our milk testing kit - Metoomilk

Top Milk Products of Country Delight that are used on daily basis:

Cow Milk:

They directly source the milk from mix breeds of Cows like Holstein Friesian, Jersey or other breeds Cow like Sahiwal, Gir Cow from the farmers. They deliver the fresh milk within 24-36 hours of milking. They perform various types of test for impurities or toxin. They don't use any types of preservatives or milk powder or cream in the milk.

Buffalo Milk:

The rich source of protein milk you will get directly from the Murrah Buffalo procured from the farmers. If you like the purest and creamiest thick milk then this milk is for you. The minimum fat content in the milk is 6.0 % and SNF 9%. They deliver the milk under the best cold chain process at your doorstep every morning.

Low Fat Cow Milk:

Are you suffering from an increase in fat on your body and also like to consume the milk then Low Fat Cow Milk may be a good option for you. Don't think that it would taste like water in nature in drinking by removing its fat because LFCM balances the loss of fat with a higher amount of milk protein and minerals. They don't add anything to the milk which retains the milk properties.

Ghar Jaisa Dahi:

Dahi can improve your immunity and digestion system if you use it on daily basis. They made Ghar Jaisa Dahi by a collaboration of thousands of Country Delight Moms. They use the age-old practice to make the Ghar Jaisa Dahi so that it's natural richest creamiest tastiest nature remains in it and people love to consume it as their regular diet plan.

Low Fat Dahi:

Low Fat Dahi is lighter and has lower fat content than Ghar Jaisa Dahi but it has its all essential vitamins and minerals. They used the old age practice to make the natural dahi and after that, they removed its fat content. They made low-fat Dahi due to huge request from the customer side.

Taaza Paneer:

As a name suggested it is fresh paneer which directly melts in your mouth. The Taaza Paneer is made from farm-fresh cow milk by house-made technique within 36-48 hours of milking so that its freshness feels in your mouth. They bring this product due to the huge demand of their customers.

Desi Daanedar Ghee:

Desi Danedar Ghee made from fresh cow milk which reminds you of the old days of your childhood in your village where the pure ghee used to be fresh aromatic and daanedar. They have made a technique based on the homemade technique in our company after consulting lots of customers. Their ghee is made from pure cow milk fat that is churned into butter and thoroughly cleaned to remove impurities and improve the aroma and shelf life of the ghee. The Ghee is packed in the transparent jar where you can see the purity and freshness of the ghee. Desi ghee helps to improve our digestion system and immune system.

Country delight delivers pure desi ghee

Top Non-Milk Products of Country Delight that are used on daily basis:

White Bread:

White bread is important for instant energy so that it can keep you the energetic whole day. It has minimal water content and it is absolutely fresh and has no any types of preservatives. It is baked and cares with perfection so that every slice of bread is soft and spongy.

Brown Bread:

Brown bread is a healthier alternative to Whitebread which is made from entirely fresh and natural ingredients. It is fresh and free from any types of preservatives which make it a fresh meal for the whole family for breakfast. It is rich in dietary fibre and keeps our digestive system healthy.

Homestyle Whole Wheat Bread:

It is easier to digest and nutritious and more delicious than white bread or brown bread. The light sourness and sweetness increases its flavour and makes it more delicious. It has a low sugar level which makes it easy for the digestive system. It has no added dough enhancers or conditioners and preservatives.

White Eggs:

The White Eggs are the great source of protein, vitamins and amino acid. If you want to gain weight or you are a fitness freak then you should include White Eggs in your daily diet. Country Delight White Eggs are a great and affordable source of protein. These White eggs are proper sanitized under the ultraviolet rays to prevent any types of infections and cracked or underweight eggs are removed at the farms.

Protein White Eggs:

Country Delight Protein White Eggs are much higher protein source than regular white eggs. The yolk inside the eggs is orange in colour due to good and natural feed given to the birds so that birds lay these great protein eggs. These eggs are also chemical-free because these birds have been raised without any hormones or antibiotics in the farms. These protein white eggs are a great source of Calcium, Zinc, Vitamin D, Vitamin E, Vitamin K and Vitamin B6

Protein Brown Eggs:

Country Delight Protein Brown Eggs are premium quality brown eggs because these eggs are Desi eggs which have high nutrition content. The birds have been given natural feed that's why the yolk of the eggs are dark orange colour which signifies its rich creamy flavour and high protein source. These brown eggs are the most favourite amongst the customers.

Desi Tan Eggs:

Country Delight Desi Tan Eggs are premium quality eggs laid by the great quality of hens breeds like Red Jungle Fowl, Chabro and Red Cornish Hens. These hens have been fed natural and high nutrient feeds like Turmeric, Neem, Marigold, Spinach, Garlic, Nutmeg etc to enhance their immunity power so that there is no need for any types of antibiotics. These Desi tan brown eggs have deep orange yolk signifies rich creamy flavour and a great source of protein. These premium quality eggs help to increase the immunity power of the body.

The Founder of Country Delight Chakradhar Gade and Nitin Kaushal aim to solve the problem of milk adulteration in our country with the help of local dairy farms and technology so that their customers can get pure and fresh milk at their home. They have a good team of engineering and MBA graduates who are trying to make their customer experience better every day. They provide their

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