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Why Cow Milk is Yellow?


There is an exemplary story from the Roman charity, where a woman named Pero, secretly breastfeeds her father Cimon behind the bars when his father is incarcerated and said to death by starvation.
She won't be allowed to take any food or water during her meeting with her father so she breastfed her milk for her father's survival. He only consumed the milk for several days and nothing else and the officers were shocked to see his survival capacity, later on, a watchman saw that her daughter was feeding him with her milk.
This story proved what milk can do to a person's life so it is said the person who is taking no other any cereals or even water can only survive on the milk.
Milk is a white nutrient-rich liquid, which is termed as the most essential diet part of any mammalian babies. From newborn to any age group milk is used to complete the daily essential requirement of our body. Thus, is also said as the complete food..

Colostrum- First yellow milk :

From our childhood to this age, we are continuously listening to many of the benefits of consuming a glass of cow milk.
Many of the decades ago, people generally used to throw off the first-week milk as it is very thick in consistency and they doubt it to be good milk but all these are proved only as rumors not only rumor. These days the first milk of the mother is considered to be as extremely beneficial for the newborn babies as it contains a good amount of antibodies which can prevent babies from many of the infections.
The first milk of the mother is also beneficial for the mother itself as it lowers the risk of breasts and ovarian cancer. It also helps the uterus to be in a non-pregnant state.

It can also help babies in several ways:-

1)- It contains a good amount of antibodies, which protects babies from many infections.
2)- It also consists of a certain amount of white blood cells which is very much useful for a good healthy body from various antigens.
3)- Colostrum digests very well and is absorbed by the newborn very easily.
4)- It also protects the acidity of babies in infants.
5)- It satisfies babies' hunger well.
6)- Consuming colostrum helps in maintaining an emotional attachment between infant and mother.

How do cow make milk:

Cow, when senses it is about to give birth to a calf, like humans it also started secreting milk and the function of the brain is most important in the secretion of milk as it starts secreting certain chemicals.
On average, the cow must have to give birth to one calf every year to regulate the production of its milk. Cows can produce milk for about 10 months after giving birth to each calf. Each of the cows will then stop lactating and take 2 months of rest to prepare herself to give birth to the second calf. This period is known as a "dry period".
In general, cows are milked twice daily after their feeding. Farmers typically woke up early and fed their cows with good healthy nutritious bran and green fodder too. It takes 5-10 minutes for a farmer to milking the milk. Nowadays farmers use a silicon attached machine which creates a vacuum and helps in milking it faster without creating any discomfort to the cows.

The yellow color of the milk is due to:

The milk is generally said to be as white as it doesn't absorb any light and they are mainly composed of proteins and calcium which are generally white.
But they contain some amount of riboflavin and beta carotene which is known as the precursor of vitamin A which slightly provides creamish yellow color to the milk.
The more the milk is higher in fat content the more yellowish it looks. The lower and skimmed milk is generally whitish.
However, it is also said the green fodder and the diet of the cow is also responsible for its yellowish color. Cows breed is also said as the major factor for the color of the milk.
Breeds like Jersey and Guernsey are richer in butter content thus their milk is yellowish.
Packeted milk or soy milk are generally whiter in color as they are processed milk and composed of corn or soy.
Mainly, the yellow color of the milk is directly produced with the presence of " beta-carotene" which is generally found to be in the grass where cows gaze upon. Beta carotene is the precursor of vitamin A which is an antioxidant with many immune properties.
Beta-carotene also helps in having good eyesight and healthy skin.

Additional factors responsible for the yellow color:

1)- Despite "beta-carotene'' which is the main ingredient responsible for the yellow color, riboflavin in milk is also responsible for the yellow color as it produces a greenish-yellow color.
2)- The breed of the cow is also the major factor for the color of milk we are getting.
3)- The type of fodder and the diet cows are used to be fed with is also the main reason responsible for the yellow color. As beta carotene is found in the green grass which is used in a good proportion of their meal.
4)- Cow's milk also contains a sufficient amount of sulfur which is believed to be the very essential macronutrient for the healthy brain and might be responsible for some color production.
5)- It also contains a good amount of fat content which also provides a yellowish tinge to the cow's milk color.
6)- Cow's milk also contains lactose which is a disaccharide and some casein protein which might be responsible for its yellow color to the milk.

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